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Scalping The Horse Racing Markets


Scalping the horse racing markets is one of the hardest trades you can do successfully, but it is also my first trades I started to learn on.

Who am I?

I trade purely for the entertainment and my interests in sports

I successfully trade on every UK horse racing markets before in play making a small profit per race. I do this a few times a week when I have some spare time. I trade for 4 hours non stop on every race making a profit on each race. The profits varies around 0.10p per race.

If you have a spare 4 hours to burn you can watch my video here. Skip to (or click) 1:30:00 mins to see my Bet screen,

Horse Racing UK Live betting

How to do better at scalping and keep out the red.

The best thing you can do is take your time and aim for your first scalp to be successful. Aim for just one scalp on each market. This will need your full attention and a lot of time sitting at the desk.

Don’t use any money.

Watch all the odds and just make a guest on what will happen. Don’t use any money and just sit back and get the feel for the odds moving.



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