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Last Minute Draw – Football Trading

Lay The Favourite early - Football Trading
2.5 Goals and under - Football Trading

>>> Skill level <<<

!! Use with caution !!

Start this trade very near the END.


If the winning team is only 1 goal ahead then Lay on the winner team low odds for a big profit on a draw.

More Details.

Find a football match with only a few minutes left to go with one side ahead by one goal.

Lay the winning team when odds are as low as 1.10.

Take a profit if the other team scores.

Last Minute Draw.

This strategy works for last minute goals resulting in a draw. Last minutes goals do happen and do happen a few times but finding them takes good knowledge and a good eye for detail when watching a game to trade this on. Blindly trading this strategy will result in many small loses but it only takes one good win to cover them all. Use with caution.


Lay the winner at odds of 1.10 for £10.00 (liability cost is only £1)

When and if a goal makes it a draw you win £10.00

What to think about.

Think about the other teams ability to be able to score the second goal. Is it a fast game, are the winning side just laid back defending trying to waste time. Admittedly this is not the best trade but with small stakes it can work out in profit.

You can also use this trade on a 0-0 game. Lay the draw near the end of the game for a last minute goal to win.

Lay The Favourite early - Football Trading
2.5 Goals and under - Football Trading

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