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How Sport bet trading works

Interests in sports trading is growing everyday. Unlike normal bets, trading is more profitable in the long-term.

This site will introduce sports trading and how you can start trading successfully in sports.

On this page.

  • Can you be a trader?
  • What sports can be traded.
  • Basics of a profitable trade.
  • Picking your market.

Can you be a Trader ?

In the UK anyone over 18 can be a trader.

But can you be a good trader ?.

Yes, if you have;

  • Good discipline.
  • willingness to learn.
  • plenty of time to practice and patience.
  • (A spare £100.000, only joking) £100 will do just fine.

What sports can be traded.

Almost all sports can be traded. But the main ones we look at are these,

  • Football
  • Horse Racing
  • Greyhounds
  • Tennis

Basics of a profitable trade.

Unlike the stock market, our sports markets have a time limit to trade on. We trade on sports before and in play and get paid when the game has ended. If we traded correctly then we earn a profit.

We decide what profit we want to earn.

We take advantage of moving odds in the market and take a profit whatever happens in the game.

We might decide to take a free bet or green up our trades for a profit whatever happens in the game.

  • A free bet is a trade where you have a free bet for that player and if they lose, you walk away with no lost.
  • Greening up is where you have traded in a way to earn a profit on any outcome of the game.

The very basics behind all trading is having two bets in the same market. There are many ways we can achieve this and the more you learn about trading the more trades you can do for more profits to win.

With a standard sport bet is to back a player to win. In trading you also bet a player to lose. (I like to think of it like buying and selling).

When you place bets you are backing the player to win.

When you bet against, you are laying the player to lose.

We call this Laying or Lay for short. Backing at higher than the laying odds will give you a profit. Odds in sports are always moving up and down. As you learn the markets this will become more easy to predict the odds movement. Don’t worry too much about understanding all this right now. I talk more about this later when it comes to your first trade.

Picking your market

As with any sports bet you pick a sport you like. Trading is almost the same but any decent market will do for a good trade.

You should pick a sport market you already know. This site covers many sports so you should be able to find one that suits you. Once you get very familiar with trading then you can experiment with other sport markets trades.

The aim of this page was to cover the very basics of sport trading and give you a basic idea of it all. There is plenty to learn and learning one step at a time is your best chance of succeeding. Your next step is to open your trading account and open your first trade. To be sure of a better chance of succeeding, follow my trade strategy plans on this website. The trading strategies on this site have been fully thought out with a high chance of a successful trade. Each strategy has a skill level rating. Easy being the most easy to follow compared to the advance trades where many trades and more skill is needed to trade.

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