My Personal Notebook


Welcome to my trading website and my personal notebook all about my sport trading strategies.

I started trading in sports back in 2014. I trade in my spare time mostly for profit but also for the fun that you get from trading sports. I do not class myself as a professional trader and never intend to do so. It is purely for entertainment and my interests in sports.

People think sport trading is the same as gambling.

Gambling is when you back a team or event to win. You place a back bet and wait to win or lose. Trading the sports market is where you back a team to win but then Lay the same team to lose. We can add as many trades as we like in the markets to cove all outcomes. We are not waiting for either side to win or lose as we have covered all outcomes of the game.

I spent many years learning my trade and spent lots of money learning the hard way how to trade. I now enjoy what I do with more good days then bad days. By the end of the month my account is in profit. My aim is to show people how trading can be rewarding as much as it is fun.

I decided to make this website to help others learn the trade and offer all the advice I know from my time of trading. I hope in return you will enjoy trading as much as I do and maybe might buy me a drink one day ­čśë

Try it yourself. Try one of my TRADING STRATEGIES on this site.

Most of all, have fun.

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