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2.5 Goals and under – Football Trading

Last Minute Draw - Football Trading

>>> Skill level <<<

Start this trade at the Start.


Back under a goal scores over/under market to trade out 10 ticks.

More Details.

Find a football match that has just started with no big fret of any goals scoring anytime early.

Back the over/under score that is over odds of 1.20 and lower then 2.00 (look at over/under 2.5 goals and 3.5 goals markets)

Now Lay 10 ticks under your back price. Let this trade run for up to 10 minutes, then trade out.

2.5 Goals and under.

This market moves reasonable quickly on the 2.5 over/under goals and as long as no goals have been score, you will get your match reasonable quickly. If you get a goal before you get matched, then the odds rise up and will take much longer to come down. As long as the goal don’t go over 2, then your OK.


Back the 2.5 goals under for £10.00 at odds of 1.24. 

Lay the 2.5 goals under for £10.00 at odds of 1.14.

Free bet profit is £1.00 or Green up for £0.50.

What to Think about.

You can watch the game for the first 2 minutes to see if this is a rush scoring game or a slow warm up game. One goal early would make the odds jump up by 1 unit. 50 to 60 % of your stake could be lost if you trade out here, or risk losing all your stake if they score more goals. If they score early you could think about adding another Back trade to the same market and then find your new trade out position.

Last Minute Draw - Football Trading

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